Web of Bullshit and Horror

Can advice on how to be cool and not creepy be used for evil by guys who are not cool and are creepy and would like to get laid? Yeah, probably! It’s a difference between “how to keep awkwardness and learned behavior (that is counterproductive and bad) from getting between you and the connections you would like to make with other people (that are positive and good for you and those other people alike)” and “how to feign being a decent human being so that you can trap unwary women in your web of bullshit and horror.” The difference there? Is the reader, not the reading material.

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The reality is that people pay for an experience rather than a thing so the label matters on headphones and wine. From social signaling to self-inflicted placebo effects there are a host of reasons why people don’t shave with Occam’s razor.

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So Many

A wise friend told me years ago that we have no control over our emotions, only over what we choose to do about them, and that even if we know this, it can still be hard to make good decisions, because our feelings are so powerful, and there are so many of them fighting to be heard.

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Quite generally, that’s how the Trump administration deals with a truly existential threat to survival of organized human life: ban regulations and even research and discussion of environmental threats and race to the precipice as quickly as possible (in the interests of short-term profit and power).

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You Make a Choice

When you have children, you make a choice to restrict what you can and cannot do. Just because you want a nice night out doesn’t mean that everyone else at the restaurant should be subjected to an endlessly crying child. You do not have carte blanche to put your own needs above everyone else’s.

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New Money

Q: Why do rich people seem to have such bad taste in architecture?
Money doesn’t buy taste. Especially not new money.

Eyebrows McGee. (2015, February 19). Re: The kind of world where we belong [Reader Comment]. Retrieved from http://www.metafilter.com/147197/The-kind-of-world-where-we-belong

Mangoes Among Oranges

Unbeknownst to me, you see, some miscreant put mangoes among the oranges, and while someday we might live in a utopia where mangoes are discounted, we still live in an imperfect world of sin and toil.

Lileks, J. (2015, February 14). The Mango mover was also THAT GUY. Retrieved from http://www.startribune.com/local/blogs/291963041.html


The Right to Ignore

It’s made still more awful by the fact that the “read receipts” feature is on by default, so if you’ve read their IM and haven’t answered, they know it. This is the top overall seed, because read receipts are the worst thing about the Internet. The right to ignore people must be preserved. Anyway, if you get one of these IMs, usher everyone out of the building in which you live, burn it to the ground, and live in the forest until you don’t hear airplanes anymore.

Bois, J. (2015, March 15). The Worst Internet Things bracket. Retrieved from http://www.sbnation.com/2015/3/15/8218435/worst-internet-things-bracket


Throaty-chuckle Smoker

I ended up phoning the 1-800 number, and got a throaty-chuckle smoker who sounded like she was handling calls out of her kitchen for extra money, and she noted that a lot of people called because the website was “Confusing.”

Lileks, J. (2014, June 6). The Bleat. Retrieved from http://lileks.com/bleats/archive/14/0614/060614.html


The Science

I kind of lost concentration when he stated, “While conceding that there are a number of reasons why gamers would choose to angrily argue with the science rather than seriously consider its implications,” because of this issue I have regarding people using the phrase “the science” when they mean “the results of studies deemed reliable by many respected people.” Calling it “the” science, as though the matter is entirely settled, strikes me as a rhetorical stunt meant to imply that 1) the point of view being presented is an ironclad absolute truth 2) anyone who is unconvinced must be an ignoramus.

xigxag. (2015, February 7). Re: Social Identity Threat Motivates Science-Discrediting Online Comments [Reader Comment]. Retrieved from http://www.metafilter.com/146830/Social-Identity-Threat-Motivates-Science-Discrediting-Online-Comments#5927873


On a Planet of Two

I thought that his sudden openness was the caprice of a moment, and that if I had looked for him in three months, I would have wasted my time.


We laughed together, and, as we know, there is nothing like humor to burn the distance between two human beings. Laughter has the ability to trigger a thunderbolt of intimacy; you laugh at the same things and you’re not alone anymore. Suddenly, you’re also somewhere very special, on a planet of two. And if you go on laughing together—as we did as our relationship grew deeper, if guardedly, on both sides—you may get a sense that inhabiting that planet for even a fraction of time is something you may risk calling happiness: intense and short-lived though it may be.

Sambuy, L. M. (2015, May 1). You’ll Never Write About Me Again. Retrieved from http://www.believermag.com/issues/201501/?read=article_manera_sambuy







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