Hulk Emoji

Fear of His Own Anger

And as such, we learn that banner can call out his hulk at a moment’s notice. Which, in my opinion, is a wonderful evolution of the character. It speaks to the idea that our emotions are something that are always present. Anger can’t be abstained from. It cannot be feared. Anger is simply an ever-present part of us, just as much as joy, sadness, or even something instinctual like hunger. It is something that is just felt. And I believe this is precisely where “the cruel joke” comes into play (referred earlier in the article as “It’s as if he is the only one who is keenly aware of a cruel joke being played on the world.”)
For years, banner battled his own mind and merely turned out that fear of his own anger was a trap. Really, he had to understand it. To recognize it and accept it. And that’s precisely what brought genuine control. The whole thing seems like a contradiction, but no more a contradiction than the idea that unleashing “the other guy” can be the very thing that makes his [Hulk] heroic.

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Mail-It-In Autopilot

This guy has been on “mail-it in” autopilot for decades, sleepwalking his way through movie after movie, and somehow convincing people it’s all brilliant and genius. It’s the same awkward sarcasm of a guy living on a reputation established more than 30 years ago and gets away with it because anyone who criticizes him gets browbeaten into submission by fanatics who have convinced themselves [Bill] Murray is a cultural icon, when he is no such thing.

20 Over-rated Actors. (2014, March 29). Retrieved from http://www.rantlifestyle.com/2014/03/29/20-overrated-actors/#slide39 (URL no longer active)


Ready-made Violence

On a basic story level, you could argue that rape-revenge is technically doing the character the courtesy of dealing with the significance and fallout of trauma, but really it’s just turning that trauma into another short-cut for ready-made violence and rote catharsis. The whole problem here is that, also like the texture of horror, it can just as easily spill over into gross over-simplification and exploitation.

Film Crit Hulk. (2014, April 29). CAN HULK COMPLAIN ABOUT GAME OF THRONES’ RAPE SCENE YET? Retrieved from http://badassdigest.com/2014/04/29/can-hulk-complain-about-game-of-thrones-rape-scene-yet/

Lego Brick

Currency of Life

This is probably really clear in the film’s “not letting his kid play with Legos” analogy, but think about it in grander terms. Think about the way society operates. The real problem is that adults build a world without understanding why they’re playing the game in the first place. Business. Politics. These are desperately important things that need to function and be taken seriously in order for society to function, but every damn day we forget that the reason we do them is because we actually crave the simplest things in life: fun. Peace of mind. Love. Togetherness. Despite how those words sound, I swear to you that these are not flowery ideas. These things are the real currency of life. And they are part of all the things adults claim they are fighting for.

The problem is that we build adult systems and values that so readily exclude it. That feed into our desire to overwork. That get us to miss all that other good stuff in our lives. That mine it for maximum business and feed into the same system that doesn’t actually want you to have happiness, but merely continued consumption. It is essentially “objectifying” all our simple things. Again, this isn’t to get all political on your ass, but the business for business’ sake moral argument might be the most forehead-slapping bit of inanity ever. Not because it doesn’t work, but because it doesn’t understand the root of happiness lies in emotional sanctification, not chasing an endless high and constantly expecting a different result. Sorry, but it’s all right there plain as day.

Meaning day after day, adulthood fails us.

And really, they are failing themselves.  And all this parent / kid metaphor mumbo-jumbo is the reason the climax to THE LEGO MOVIE works. It is the simple act of telling adulthood that they are wasting it. That they need to embrace the real purpose under everything.

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Stories can take that didactic thing we call “advice” and render it into experience; meaning it can make us experience things before we actually have to deal with them and guide us in that purpose. It can show us where we have been. It can clarify life’s reality.

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People might be more prone to mix it up if they knew they could survive several shotgun blasts at close proximity by walking over a bag with a Red Cross on the side.

Lileks, J. (2014, May 9). The Bleat. Retrieved from http://lileks.com/bleats/archive/14/0514/050914.html



The problem isn’t that the movies are product—most movies are product, and always have been—but that they can’t be bothered to pretend they’re not product. That’s the difference between popular art and forgettable mass-produced entertainment: the mass-produced entertainment flaunts its product-ness, then expects us to praise even minor evidence of idiosyncrasy as proof that we are not, in fact, collectively spending billions on product.

Seitz, M. Z. (2014, May 6). Things Crashing Into Other Things: Or, My Superhero Movie Problem. Retrieved from http://www.rogerebert.com/mzs/things-crashing-into-other-things-or-my-superhero-movie-problem


Odd Question

Odd question, but it’s on my mind. If I pee into a bowl and use the filter on that, will it taste like water or pee?

Why ruin the taste of urine w/ a LifeStraw???
Chris H. answered on November 11, 2014

If you are at the point where you have to drink your pee, does taste really matter?
mrvman answered on October 23, 2014

Severson, T. (2013, October 29). Amazon.com: Questions & Answers. Retrieved from https://www.amazon.com/forum/-/Tx2J7FU0SL633HP/ref=ask_dp_dpmw_al_hza?asin=B006QF3TW4



Frustratingly, Harlow limited his discussion of Gage’s mental status to a few hundred words, but he does make it clear that Gage changed—somehow. Although resolute before the accident, Harlow says Gage was now capricious, and no sooner made a plan than dropped it for another scheme. Although deferential to people’s wishes before, Gage now chafed at any restraint on his desires. Although a “smart, shrewd businessman” before, Gage now lacked money sense. And although courteous and reverent before, Gage was now “fitful [and] irreverent, indulging at times in the grossest profanity.” Harlow summed up Gage’s personality changes by saying, “the equilibrium … between his intellectual faculties and his animal propensities seems to have been destroyed.” More pithily, friends said that Gage “was no longer Gage.”

Kean, S. (2014, May 6). Phineas Gage, Neuroscience’s Most Famous Patient. Retrieved from http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2014/05/phineas_gage_neuroscience_case_true_story_of_famous_frontal_lobe_patient.html

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